Short Term Loans Can Have Long Term Consequences

By | January 20, 2019

Thinking about visiting a direct short term loan lender? It can be a fantastic idea for those looking to borrow money on a short term basis. Despite what you might believe, short term loans can work for any borrower, but only when the loan is right for their financial needs. If you were to take out a short term loan and it’s not quite right for your finances, it can leave you with long term consequences. It’s a strange thing to say and yet it’s very much the truth. So, what are the long term consequences to a short term loan?

Interest Rates Can Be More Than Doubled

What you do have to be aware of is that the amount of interest you could repay to the loan can be more than 100%. Sound a lot of interest and it is but in truth, there aren’t any real limitations over interest rates as some loan companies can set their interest at over 300% which is staggering and unrealistic for borrowers. This can become a potential long term consequence because it could be unreasonable for you to actually afford to repay. It’s not an ideal problem to face and certainly it’s going to cause you a major headache as well. Short term loans are ideal but there are consequences to them when they aren’t considered carefully enough.

You May Struggle To Repay the Loan

One major consequence of looking to a direct short term loan lender is quite simply you aren’t able to pay the loan. Struggling to repay a loan is never a good thing because it can impact your finances and credit in a big way – and for the foreseeable future also. It’s one long term consequence to come with a short term loan. You don’t always realize how difficult a short term loan can be or how much it can impact your everyday life. A viable loan is only viable when you can repay the loan.

Impact Credit

A long term consequence of a bad short term loan has to be if you fail to repay the loan how negatively it may impact your credit. As you know, when you take out a line of credit it will be noted on your credit report and if you successfully pay the loan you can find you have improved your credit a little. However, defaulting on a loan can cause seven years of bad credit and it’s really tough to try and turn things around. That is why when dealing with short term loans you have to be aware of what long term consequence they can bring. It’s really troubling to have bad credit and it can only get worse.

 Understand the Long Term Ramifications

While a short term loan can appear to be an excellent idea, if you aren’t prepared for it, it can turn out to be a very bad idea! You have to understand that while short term loans can be great, they don’t always work-out for every borrower and sometimes, they can have lasting consequences also. That is why you have to be careful when dealing with loans and lenders. It’s so important to understand the long term consequences of short term loans.